"Keep Chopping Wood is a GAMECHANGER for any team or organization that is looking to take it to the next level"



by Kevin DeShazo

We live in a drive thru culture. From the comfort of the driver’s seat in your car you can get dinner, money, dry cleaning, a car wash, medicine and more. When it comes to success, we have the same expectation of convenience. We want better results and we want them now. While everyone is looking for a shortcut or a lifehack to success, the best know that the work is the shortcut. The future you want to create is about the small, simple actions you take today. It requires belief in the vision, commitment to the process and the discipline to do the work. We all have talent, but do you have the discipline to become great? Keep Chopping Wood is a short story and field guide about what it takes for ordinary people to do live extraordinary lives.


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20 copies: a 30 minute Zoom call with your team.

50 copies: a 30 minute Zoom call and a 1:1 with Kevin

100 copies: a custom virtual keynote for your team/organization. 

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